A book about permanent makeup artistry that has been part of Małgorzata Boron's life for over 12 years. A real masterpiece. Her artistic talents were first developed at the Art Institute in Lodz and she has continued to refine them over time.


At present Małgorzata Boroń is a beauty icon - her style balances with her support for the ones who need help. She is an expert and the preeminent permanent makeup artist in Poland and has performed thousands of permanent makeup procedures in addition to creating workshops and training for aspiring artists. As a result of her search for new challenges, she focused on permanent makeup that is now an inevitable part of her life.


Małgorzata credits her success to her fearless personality, individuality, and professionalism. When combined with her artistic skills, these traits result in ingenious artistic makeup applications both in traditional and permanent makeup. Eventually, Małgorzata focuses all her energy on permanent makeup treatments, where she continues to be an unquestionable icon of style, developing techniques that accentuate a woman's natural beauty.


Małgorzata's empathy for the sick caused her to turn her attention to permanent makeup for medical therapy. She has worked closely with the Amazons, a group of women recovering from cancer, and seeks ways to help people feel beautiful through the use of restorative permanent makeup techniques. Doing permanent makeup of lost brows, eyelashes, enhancing eyes full of hope, pale lips, she makes women regain self- confidence they lost along with their hair falling out. In addition to cancer patients, Małgorzata has also worked with people suffering from alopecia areata. As the first and only permanent makeup artist in Poland with experience in paramedical makeup, Małgorzata has helped many people regain their confidence. As a result, she cooperates with many charities.


Another problem Małgorzata Boroń faces is alopecia among men. Thanks to new techniques, Małgorzata Boroń has faced this challenge and launched head pigmentation as an effective method of fighting so-called genetic conditions at men.


This book was created to share over 12 years of permanent makeup knowledge and a lifelong love of beauty with others. The creation of this book was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of Małgorzata, who hopes you will begin a new adventure and learn the secrets of permanent makeup.


Małgorzata Boroń is the face of permanent makeup in Poland. Nowadays her profession raises foreign readers' interest and her book is going to be translated into several languages.


She owes her development and success to her personality, an individual approach to everyone, her commitment to the ones in need. Despite modesty and finesse she represents, she is an individualist making her passion and love of permanent makeup come true.

She is said to be 'a woman who improves the world'! She wins for others and for herself.

BOOK - Permanent Beauty: Malgorzata Boron

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