i.v Vitamin Drip Therapy

Vitamin drip is an intravenous supplement of vitamins and minerals, which are absorbed in 100% intravenous form, bypassing the digestive system, eliminating the influence of digestive enzymes and gastrointestinal dysfunction.


The first vitamin drip more than 50 years ago was introduced by John Myers, a physician from Baltimore (USA). He invented, or rather composed, Myers Cocktail, a mixture of vitamins C and B, calcium and magnesium, which was supposed to alleviate chronic fatigue, overwork or muscle tension.


- intense physical or mental work
- a feeling of chronic fatigue
- states of depressed mood
- intense physical effort
- cold symptoms
- trouble concentrating
- moderate dehydration
- skin aging effects
- reducing the effects of stress
- compensation of energy complexes
- supplementing the deficiency of vitamins
- acceleration of regeneration
- increasing the body's resistance
- providing micro and macro elements
- equalization of water and electrolyte management
- antioxidant activity



Some key advantages of vitamin drips include:
The antioxidant effect, from a high dose of valuable antioxidants
The acceleration of the regeneration of the body after a disease or after intense physical activity in sportsmen
The increase of the body's natural immunity by providing it with the necessary ingredients to fight viruses and bacteria
The reduction of stress and electrolyte balance (hydration)
The provision of key micro and macro elements.
Its unique advantage in the event of poisoning or alcohol detox as it supplements vitamins and microelements in the body


Contraindications to vitamin drip:
• Severe hepatic failure
• Severe end-stage kidney disease
• Severe heart failure
• Hypersensitivity to the given component of the drip
• Mental disorders that disqualify the patient from intravenous supplementation at any given time.

Each organism is different - that's why we have to respond differently to each case.






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